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I really liked it

I watched it twice and it made me laugh quite a bit. I hope you streched the campness of the dancing otherwise school will be hard haha. Good luck and a good video.

Quite funny

Is the dock division still going? haha, I thought it was alright well done,

IZSBHR responds:

Yeah, we are. And thanks.

I loved it

It was very entertaining, it had a really good rhythem to it and then when it ended it felt empty. But I think you could do with out that bit at the end with jerry burning in hell.

Anyways really good well done

I liked it

happy birthday Clocky
from DreadLock

WinchesterLock responds:


Happy B-Day 5'd

What was that song in part 1?

SquaresHard responds:

its the cake song by lazytown <3

It is getting better

A few tips:
-Try to avoid mixing styles like pirate was all brsh and you were 50% odd line
- Try a bit of shading, and a bit more detailed baackround it can really make a difference

Start with little things like that and you will soon get better. Watch other CC movies to see how they do it. Also in response to review were you asked if there was a program to make graphics better, it just takes time, effort and experementing in flash.

Keep it up!

matt2k7 responds:

thank u mate i will R.I.P grey clock 3 will have better graphics and grey clock comes back as a zombie lol

Well done

This is Capitalist: Well done i think you did well on putting this message across, because i am fairly new to the CC i don't know what it was like but i can see what you mean what it is like. I hope this message gets taken seriously it would be cool.

MilkshakeClock responds:

lol, dated much? i dont think people remember bit lol


i loled which means it gets a good score
Graphics- good i love FBF :P
style- nice
Sound- I liked the voices and the music so thats a 10
violence- not to high but ther was blood
Interactivity- ok
Humor- i loled

Overall- 8 which means i liked it :)

got to be one of the tops it was awesome

i love it the song rules

nice story nice GFX nice music

nice twist at the end all togethera an amazing flash

I am a 16 year old animater, i am also clock called NoteClock. I am in a band and making music myself I am rhythem guitar and lead singer, and i ocasionally create the odd acoustic.

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